Elden Ring’s Player Messages Are Just As Dirty As Dark Souls’

The most obvious way to know ancient ring this Souls a game is not satisfactorily complex gameplay or incomprehensible lore. No, the real test ancient ring inherent SoulsWhat makes it unique is the messaging system, where players can leave asynchronous notes to alert their fellow Faded ones of impending dangers or make them jump off a cliff. Nevertheless, ancient ring players can’t just write whatever they want. Messages are created, as in previous FromSoftware games, using Mad Lib-style templates into which players can insert a long list of words including proper names, directions, emotions, animals, and more. While this is enough to talk about what lurks around the corner in a dungeon, for example, players also come up with clever ways to get around these restrictions for more vulgar purposes.

Here are some of the best posts I have found in the Lands Between a little over 20 hours in my time with the ancient ring. And yes, many of them are dirty. Ichild.

The ancient ring is not in Fortnite (so far), so that’s probably the next best thing.

Oh, and I kept wondering when he would appear.

It’s not from the player, but I couldn’t help but laugh at the ancient ring deadpan, straightforward explanation of this NPC’s status.

Besides, it’s really fun when the message sets you up for a joke…

…and something in the world completes the highlight.

Some of the most disappointing moments in ancient rings occurred due to the inability to use the giant ballista that threaten you in certain regions. Give us leverage, FromSoftware!

I think these guys have come too far to be saved, but it’s a good idea.

Look, it’s important to know your limits. Do what you have to, just be safe.

Just in case you like meI wonder if ancient ring power to pull Sekiro-like snake every time you cross a long bridge, this helpful message should put you at ease.

ancient ring complex with a dark backstory, but it’s also the most fun game I’ve played in a long time. Feel free to share some of your favorite posts in the comments, I’d love to see what you’ve found and/or come up with yourself. The more absurd the better!


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