Elden Ring’s Ruin Greatsword guide

The Elden Ring’s Ruins greatsword is one of the nine so-called “legendary weapons” and is a great Elden Ring weapon in the mid to late game for a Force build. If you’re tired of brandishing the Grafted Blade Greatsword from Elden Ring, the Ruins Greatsword might be the one for you.

Elden Ring Ruins Greatsword Location: Talk to Jerren in Red-Mane Hold.

The first step to getting the Greatsword of Ruins is defeating the Starscourge Radan, one of the hardest mid-game Elden Ring bosses. Once you’ve defeated him, return to Red Mane Castle and talk to Witch Hunter Jerren (the organizer of the Radan Festival who looks like Slave Knight Gael) in the church above and behind Red Mane Square. Exhaust his dialogue (later he will participate in the quest of the sorceress Sellen) and reload the area.

face to face with an unholy warrior



You will find that the area is now blocked by a boss gate.

You’ll have to defeat a double-boss of the Illegitimate Warrior (with the same move set as Leonin the Illegitimate in Castle Morne) and another Crucible Knight wielding a sword and shield. The Knight takes a minute to spawn after the Illegitimate, so it’s best to overwhelm the Illegitimate with DPS and eliminate it before the Knight can intervene. The Greatsword of Ruins will be automatically given to you upon victory.

Elden Ring Ruins Greatsword Stats and Moveset

two-handed sword ruin statistics


The Ruin Greatsword has the standard Colossal Sword moveset with wide wide arcs. For light attacks and forward hammer strikes for heavy ones. Ruin Great Sword War Ashes, “Wave of Destruction”, is a highly destructive gravity-magic melee strike with a short puff. The characteristics of the Great Sword of Ruins are as follows:

  • Strength: You’ll need a whopping 50 points to invest in a one-handed Ruin Greatsword. And a slightly less obscene 34 points to dual-wield it. Ruin Greatsword starts at B scaling in Strength. Upgrading to A scaling at higher enhancement levels and S scaling at +10. Better start going to the Elden gym.
  • Intelligence: You need 16 Intelligence to wield the Ruin Greatsword, and curiously. It also has a low but not unimportant D scaling in Intelligence.
  • Endurance: This sword is heavyand it will take a large amount of stamina. To perform his full combo or wear heavier armor with him.

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