Electronic Arts Stops Selling Games And Content In Russia And Belarus

Electronic Arts announced that stop sale of games, DLC, and virtual currency in Russia and Belarus

The Russian region showcase on Origin and the EA app is effectively suspended. And the company will also work with other platforms to remove EA games. And stop new in-game sales in Russia and Belarus. “Our primary concern is the continued safety of those in the region, especially colleagues and partners. And we are committed to understanding how we can best assist them going forward beyond. Our programs that are already in place,” EA said in a statement. EA’s new announcement follows its previous decision to exclude all Russian teams from current FIFA and NHL games.

The war between Russia and Ukraine started on February 22 when Russia launched an offensive against Ukraine after Russia began amassing troops on the border between the two countries. Amid the conflict, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Fedorov called on the gaming industry to stop selling its products in Russia.

In addition to EA, CD Projekt and Bloober Team have stopped sales in Russia and Belarus.

Belarus is in alliance with Russia and therefore also subject to sanctions. Microsoft also recently announced that it will “suspend all new sales of Microsoft products and services in Russia.” The conflict-affected developers and companies in Ukraine. The development of Stalker 2 was influenced by the fact that GSC Game World prioritizes the safety of its employees. EA ended its announcement with a promise to keep an eye on the situation. “As this highly troubling situation evolves, we are constantly reviewing the steps we can take… We are actively evaluating other areas of our games and operations and will communicate any further action,” EA said.

If you are looking to help, we have compiled a list of humanitarian organizations such as the Ukrainian Red Cross and UNICEF that you can donate to.

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