Enjoy this breathtaking number of ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ rat fan edits

If you were watching Encanto, 

you probably had at least one of his soundtracks stuck in your head. The film spawned many hits, focusing heavily on the abilities (and generational baggage) of each member of the Madrigal family. This includes the outcast of the Madrigal family—poor, poor Bruno—whose “We’re Not Talking About Bruno” heartworm spent ten weeks on Billboard’s Hot 100 list, most of which was in the top five. This song has been living in my head for free ever since the movie came out. And the YouTube algorithm helpfully caught my multiple reviews. The official music video, so it served me a little choice fan edits.

Here’s the kicker: they’re all about rats. Every fan edit that has appeared on my homepage has to do with rats that Bruno uses as pets, friends, and helpers. I don’t know how or why there are so many of them (rat-oriented fan edits, not rats), but I feel compelled to share them as they are true objects of beauty.

In “We’re Not Talking About Bruno,”

The man’s alleged villainy is described through his “7-foot build” and “rats along his back.” It sounds like an exaggeration, but as far as Bruno is concerned, the last accusation is more or less true. These rats are his buddies. They live with him and play among his things, such as running on a vinyl record while it plays or climbing into dangling pants. The man has made entire boxes of shade for his rat friends, which he calls his “fun.”

  • I cannot judge him. (Okay, maybe a little.) But the rats do seem to be better friends than his real family, who would rather drag his name into the dirt than try to understand the nature of his abilities.
  • Here’s a version of the “7 Foot Rats” video in which a picture of a rat face is superimposed on Bruno’s face every time he says “rats.”
  • And here is the full-length version of the song, in which the “rats” are constantly edited.
  • I won’t deny fanning the flames of the algorithm. Every time I click on one of them, YouTube shows me a few more – you could tell they keep popping up like rats.
  • Disney is no stranger to animated rodents. These little guys have appeared in metropolitan films such as Zootopia. Some even aspire to become chefs, as in Ratatouille. Here’s a fan edit that actually features Remy, Pixar’s little chef.

To be honest, on the Disney rat power rating that lives in my head (don’t ask me about it), Bruno’s rats don’t rank this very. There are so many of them that I don’t feel any attachment to individual rat characters. But how is the unit? Unstoppable.

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