EVO 2022 Will Not Have Any Super Smash Bros. Games Because of Nintendo

Nintendo has made the decision not to include any Super Smash Bros. in EVO 2022, the world’s largest fighting game tournament now owned by Sony, for the first time since 2007.

EVO shared a letter announcing the news on Twitter ahead of the announcement of EVO 2022 on March 8 at 5:00 pm PT / 8:00 pm ET.

“Join us on March 8 at 5 pm PT on twitch.tv/evo to announce EVO 2022,” writes EVO. “While we are grateful for all the great games that have joined us later this year in Las Vegas, we want to let you know in advance that Super Smash Bros. will not appear again.

“Since 2007, we have seen historical Super Smash Bros. moments created at EVO events. We are saddened that Nintendo has decided not to continue that legacy with us this year. We hope to celebrate Super Smash Bros. once again in the future. The community next to them.”

Nintendo’s decision not to participate in EVO follows Sony’s purchase of the fighting game tournament in 2021. At the time of the acquisition announcement, Nintendo stated that it wished the show’s organizers the best and would continue to evaluate EVO going forward. That decision, at least for now, seems to have been made.


“Nintendo has enjoyed interacting with fans at past Evo tournaments and wishes the show organizers all the best in their new endeavor. We will continue to evaluate Evo and other features as we plan future Super Smash Bros. online and offline tournaments.” This was stated by a representative of Nintendo in March 2021.

EVO 2022 is currently scheduled to take place August 5-7 in Las Vegas.

As such, 2022 will not only be the first year without new Super Smash Bros. content. Ultimate as Sora was the last DLC fighter to be released in 2021, but fans will also have to look elsewhere to see competitive Smash battles.

To learn more about this ongoing situation, check out our take on the thorny history between Nintendo and its esports communities.

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