Exoprimal is Capcom’s new ‘exofighters versus dinosaurs’ online shooter

Capcom announced a new online game at the Sony’s State of Play today, and while it’s not Dino Crisis, it definitely has dinosaurs in it. Exoprimal is a co-op game that pits “exofighters” – mostly humans in very powerful robot suits – against dinosaurs. Reassuringly, Capcom’s announcement mentions predators descending from the sky. It would suck if dinosaurs rained down from the sky in real life, but in video games? Every birthday and Christmas at the same time.

According to Capcom’s official announcement, it’s a PvE affair with a slight competitive edge: teams of five will “fend off thousands of dinosaurs” in a setting oddly reminiscent of Earth Defense Force games. The main mode is called Dino Survival, and it sees two squads compete to complete a series of challenges while, yes, raptors cascade from the sky and “tyrannosaurus rexes” stomp the streets. These tasks may involve simply killing dinosaurs, but may sometimes involve “carrying cargo or defending a critical point from ruthless attacks”.

Exoprimal also has its own class flavor, with a range of different exosuits to suit different playstyles. So far, four are listed, corresponding to fairly obvious archetypes:

Deadeye: “Keep a healthy distance while unleashing a hail of destructive force from powerful assault guns.”
Zephyr: A melee exosuit that “cuts its way through hordes of small dinosaurs.”
checkpoint: A “tank-like” exosuit with a “massive shield to hold back hordes of enemies.”
medicine man: Primarily a healer

There’s also a ubiquitous AI called Leviathan that can predict where Whirlwinds might show up next (you know where dinosaurs come from). She is essentially a navigator and briefer, but will also lead the narration. Exoprimal will release on PC and consoles sometime in 2023.

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