Fall Guys Players On PlayStation Must Redownload It To Continue Playing After May

On May 9,

Fall Guys will receive a new launcher and all existing players. Will need a new download to keep access to the popular battle royale. In a new update from developer Media Molecule. The studio explained that since it changed publisher from Sony to its new owner Epic Games. The change in ownership required the game to change its launcher. The good news is that all of your costumes and progress will be transferred to you, and as an added bonus, you’ll be able to pick up a free shark costume along the way. Yes, it looks good witty. Privacy Policy

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The new Fall Guys launcher for PlayStation will be available on the PlayStation Store starting April 5,

After which the old launcher icon will turn grey. Accessing the game through the updated PlayStation badge will be the only way to play after May 9th. Mediatonic encourages users to delete old content to free up space on PS5. The developer said that aside from a few in-game changes, the experience will be exactly the same, with a free shark outfit available from the in-game store page once a new download is complete. However, you need to be quick as it will only be available until the end of Season 6 in Fall Guys.

As for when Fall Guys will arrive on Xbox and Nintendo Switch, Mediatonic recently revealed that it is finalizing development on those console versions and the “delicious new features” they will contain. Just don’t expect the game to appear on Xbox Game Pass as those rumors were debunked by Satan some time ago.

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