Fans Upset Switch Chocobo Racing Game Keeps Asking For Money

Chocobo GP seemed like a welcome surprise when it was announced last year. It was introduced as a sequel to the beloved little spin-off from 1999. Chocobo Racing from the first PlayStation, but this time on the handheld Nintendo Switch. Mario Kart mechanics with yellow birds and last fantasy characters. What can go wrong? Microtransactions, apparently. Chocobo GPThe $50 price tag annoys gamers with its free play.

As for racing Chocobo GP, this is what you expect. You select a character, hop into the kart, collect power-ups, cast spells, and drift around corners. After the match, things start to go crazy. Yes, you unlock new racers and levels, as well as a bunch of different currencies for different types of shops where you buy new cards, gear, and other unlocks. There’s Gil, the tickets you earn by playing the game, and Mythril, which you can only get by spending real money. This is what you would expect from a free mobile game. like Mario Kart Tour not a premium Switch game.


If you want to receive Final Fantasy VIICloud Strife, for example, needs to be bought Chocobo GPfirst season pass. It costs 800 mithril. Usually, Mythril packs are $10 for 1000, but during the launch period the promotions give out $1600 for just $8. The game will also give you 800 mithril just for entering the first season. So, technically, everyone who plays at launch will get the season pass for free. However, read the fine print and you’ll see that the free 800 mithril expires if it’s not used for five months (the mithril you pay for yourself stays).

No wonder it all goes away the bad taste in the mouth of some players. Here’s how one player put it on the last fantasy subreddit:

Truth be told, I had no idea about all this microtransaction bullshit, downloaded the game, was immediately greeted with the in-game currency you buy with mtx, the battle pass to get rewards with two levels, and all the design making me feel like my Nintendo Switch phone. For example, am I paying for a $50 game or f2p mobile game? Even Halo Infinite didn’t make them as terrible as that.

It’s not yet clear how long it will take players to grind characters like Cloud and Final Fantasy VIIISquall Leonhart from Squall Leonhart, which costs 3,000 gil, but the pay-to-gather mechanic that even exists and is promoted so aggressively undermines the otherwise healthy aesthetic of a chibi bird racing with friends. Especially when they are deployed to make you spend more money.

See how happy Chocobo and Screen are when they receive mithril from the latest sale. Wouldn’t you like to be so happy? After all, this is child’s play.

Mithril’s economy didn’t work at the time of the reviewers with Chocobo GP (Square Enix did not provide Kotaku with a copy), but some critics named it anyway. While the first season pass is free, future ones don’t seem to be coming, and there are plenty of other fan favorites from last fantasy A universe that could end up behind the gates of premium paywalls. Square Enix did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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