Faster Load Times Are Now Possible For Windows PC Games

DirectStorage, one of the biggest technical achievements of the Xbox Series X

Has now arrived on PC – well, sort of. Microsoft announced in a Blog post that the Xbox DirectStorage API is now available on PC, but it may be a while before players can get their hands on PC games that actually use this technology, It is reported by The Verge.. Microsoft DirectStorage technology reduces game loading times and enables developers. To create even more detailed game worlds by streaming data directly from the NVMe SSD. To the GPU without the CPU having to decompress it first.

While DirectStorage for PC was first touted

As a benefit for gamers thinking of upgrading to Windows 11. The latest blog post states that DirectStorage will in fact be compatible with Windows 10. Although Microsoft still strongly recommends the latest version of Windows for passionate users. gamers. The blog post even states that gamers don’t have to install an NVMe SSD. To see the improvements from DirectStorage. But that “installing games on an NVMe SSD will maximize I/O performance. And help you experience the benefits of DirectStorage more fully.”

Unfortunately for gamers looking to take advantage of DirectStorage,

The release of the API means that developers are only now getting access to the technology, so it will be some time before we see it widely adopted in PC games. Microsoft added in a blog post that it will be introducing DirectStorage at GDC this year, so it’s possible many developers won’t start working on the technology until after the industry event.

The first PC game to use DirectStorage technology is Forspoken,

Which will be used as a demonstration of the technology at this year’s GDC. Unfortunately, the game’s release was just delayed as the developers announced earlier in March that Forspoken would not release until October 11, 2022.

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