Feeling Adventurous? Spend 7 Bucks, Get 10 Random Games In Latest Fanatical Bundle

Fanatic Suggests

ten games for only $7
during its latest promotion, but there is a big caveat: all 10 games remain a surprise until you complete your purchase. If you don’t feel too much are adventurous but still want to cash in on the fun, the package can be reduced to one mystery game for one dollar.

There are 10 levels of Fanatical’s Mystery Crate Bundle available, allowing you to choose from one to ten mystery games. Choosing the full 10 is the best deal, as it brings the price of each individual game down to 70 cents. It is not known what games will be included in the event, although Fanatical notes that “everything from AAA hits, high-rated indie games, action-packed shooters, addictive RPGs” and more will be up for grabs.

In addition, 10 random buyers will find the perfect box in their order, which includes 25 games worth over $750, including hits like God of War, Wasteland 3 and Outriders offered in the final box. Fanatical also notes that not all keys are for Steam – some will need to be activated via Bethesda.net.

All purchases also come with a voucher for 5% off your next Fanatical order.

Best Fanatic Sets

If you’re not into surprises, Fanatical has a bunch of other sales right now. It includes Must Play Indie Packdiscounted over $100, and Role Play Creation Kit–Now available starting at just $1.00.

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