Final Fantasy 14 is currently broken for the majority of Steam users

A huge proportion of Steam Final Fantasy 14 players is unable to log into the game.

After new security measures may have made the game too secure. The game has just gone through a lengthy maintenance period. Meant to make some fixes and change the way logins work for Steam users. This means that anyone who purchased the game through the Valve client must now link their Steam account to their Square Enix account.

This was supposed to be an extra security measure, but it’s already caused some concern in the community – not everyone wants Steam to run in the background 24/7, and people were already expecting it to mess around with some quality of life plugins quite a bit. . But right now the biggest problem seems to be that the new system has completely broken the game for Steam users and the vast majority can’t get past the login screen.

a_technical_issue_has_occurred_cannot_login_the from p/ffxiv

When you try to enter the game,

A “technical error” message will be displayed and you will have no choice but to force quit the game. One issue seems to be related to using Special symbols in Steam profile names. I had problems myself, but changing my Steam name to standard English letters allowed me to finally link my accounts. However, this doesn’t seem to work for everyone as other unknown issues haven’t shown up yet. One Reddit user said that Square Enix support is aware of the issue and that she is on their side and we hope there will be a proper fix soon.

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