Final Fantasy VII Remake Mod Gives Cloud A Sexy Midriff Tattoo

Custom Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade model

Cloud Strife in a leather jacket earlier this week drew criticism from users of the NexusMods mod repository for the way he exposed the brooding protagonist’s chiseled abs with a form-fitting crop top.

  • “Make the no-belly version and you’ll get the deal, salesman!” wrote one of the first commentators.
  • “Can you make a version that doesn’t expose the belly?” another asked.
  • “How can we get the belly-less version?” asked for a third.

The creator of the mod,

A  prolific developer known online as Juijub, eventually responded to the latest comment with news of a mod update. Shortly thereafter, the NexusMods page reflected this change with a new entry showing that the Leather Cloud model is now in version 1.1. “Now his stomach is covered,” reads the updated file description, where a sly emoji completes Jujub’s sarcastic message to critics.

Cloud’s belly is indeed covered now, but not with clothes. No, instead of pulling an incredibly tight shirt under Mr. Stryfe’s custom-made leather jacket and hiding his incredible physique, Juijub made the whole ensemble even more striking by adding a tattoo in between the Final Fantasy VII hero’s navel and naughty bits. You must love this dedication a little.

With Final Fantasy VII Remake IntergradeWith the release on PC last December,

A whole new world of modding possibilities has opened up for experienced creators who wanted to create Midgar and its inhabitants in their own image and likeness. In addition to the controversial project described above, Juijub has also released mods to replace Cloud. with his best friend, Zach Fair hand over the gun to Barrett Wallace Mega Man Makeover and (sip) remove clothes from Cloud as well as Tifa Lockhart models in general. At the time of writing, the Juijub leather jacket mod with tattoo added has been downloaded more than the original. People know what they want and that’s the slutty Cloud Strife.

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