Frantic Party Game ‘Baby Storm’ Gets A Demo, Out Now On Switch


Children, a… who would have them?

In real life, there is no “try before you buy” option with children; Sure, you can take care of your adorable niece or nephew for a few hours before throwing them back to their parents, but that will never enough give you a clear idea of ​​what it’s like to have your own bundle of joy/horror. Luckily with the babysitting game Baby Storm, you can try before you buy the demo now – hooray!

The game is already available on the eShop (check out the original release trailer at the top of the page), so if you’re up for some multiplayer fun, you can download the full game right now. For everyone else, the demo itself, which is already available in Europe and arrives in North America at 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM EST, will run for 10-15 minutes and will include the game’s signature 4-player local multiplayer mode.

You will have access to three maps from the full game: the Briefing Room training map, followed by Juggle Jungle and Doodle Meadow. Character customization is available, and you can earn points and medals, but be aware that any progress will not carry over to the main game.

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