Free Couples Update For ‘Haven’ Adds Same Gender Options

Back in February 2021, Harbor comes from The Game Bakers, a stylish game that is best played in co-op. Ultimately, this is a love story about a couple as their relationship develops amid resource gathering and rhythm puzzle battles; we loved it in our Haven review.

The development team has released a free “Couples Update” across all platforms (including Switch) that allows players to choose same-sex options. You can play with the original Yu and Kei or the two female or two male variants, with character adjustments for each. The gameplay and story remain the same, so it just offers alternative options for the main couple.

It seems like a few characters and couples were part of the original plan, but as the development team had to prioritize production, some ideas had to be shelved.

This update is special for us. Initially, the concept of Haven included eight couples with a wide variety of relationships. It became clear during production that we wouldn’t be able to achieve our original vision for a full set of characters, so we focused on two characters that you know well. But right after the launch of the game, we returned to work on this update to add alternative pairs!

Let us know in the comments if you’re a Haven fan or perhaps interested in another playthrough after the update.

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