FromSoftware’s Latest As Told By Steam Reviews

It’s hard to overstate how popular the latest Souls-like game is. Elden Ring became Steam’s most played game at 760,000 concurrents on launch day, which was unprecedented for a FromSoftware game. It’s been nearly three weeks since the game launched, and interest hasn’t died down. The PC port of Elden Ring has 226,106 reviews as of publication and a respectable “Very Positive” rating. The game garnered positive reviews, but many players cited the instability of the PC port. Some advised people to wait for an official fix before purchasing the game.

Most of the positive reviews praised Elden Ring’s open-world design for being enjoyable and open to different kinds of playstyles. While players acknowledged the famed difficulty of the Souls-like genre, many seemed to think that the latest entry was an approachable entry point for newcomers.

Other reviews were filled with jokes, including its famous maidens meme and “try fingers, but hole.” This is likely a nod to the various messages that players can leave each other in Elden Ring’s multiplayer mode.

Some treat Steam as their own personal Souls-like forum. One reviewer even posted a recipe for…cookies? Some multiplayer messages are helpful game tips (like Steam reviews!) while others are considerably…less helpful for completing the game.

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