Gaming Wall Street Trailer Hopes GameStop/Reddit Film Will Spark “Much-Needed Reform To Wall Street”

HBO Max has released the official trailer for Gaming Wall Street, the upcoming documentary on the GameStop/Reddit Stock Exchange Drama, due out in January 2021. The film will premiere on March 3 on the streaming service.

The two-part docu-series narrated by Kieran Culkin (Legacy) will explore how GameStop got into trouble in 2021, as well as “how a group of armchair investors and online vigilantes ultimately helped expose the dark the wrong side of Wall Street.” Check out the trailer below and click here if you need a refresher on the entire saga, which seems to be much longer than it was a year ago.


wanted to create a compelling documentary about the niche online community that grew into the GameStop movement and momentarily changed the balance of power on Wall Street,” director Tobias Deml said in a press release. “I saw a great need for access to education about investing. We have an opportunity to correct a decades-old error created by powerful firms that cheat the system to the detriment of society.”

The HBO Max documentary is far from the only film or project about this incident. Also recently released was a trailer for GameStop: Rise of the Players, directed by Jonah Tulis, who previously directed the film Console Wars, which documents the battle between Nintendo and Sega in the 90s.

GameStop is now run by Ryan Cohen, the billionaire founder of pet food company Chewy.

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