Gaming Will Dominate the Future of Storytelling, Avengers: Endgame Director Says

The leaders of the gaming industry have long talked about video games being the original metaverse, which is quite convenient for the gaming industry. But now, Avengers: Endgame director Joe Russo agrees that if the metaverse comes to fruition, games will take the lead. “I think the revolution is coming from the games side because that’s where the technology is,” Russo said in a conversation with Epic Games Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard at the annual DICE summit.

In a talk titled The Future of Media: Building the World and Expanding the Universe, they detailed the future of technology, especially in media and storytelling. Rousseau, in particular, is convinced: “The future will be virtual.”

Rousseau says the storytelling technology of the future is in the games industry, not in movies, saying, “Traditional film studios don’t get it.” [the technology] and is not part of their business plan to curate the technology, host it, pay for it, pay to develop it, hold on to it.”

Later in the conversation, Russo doubles down and says, “In my opinion, this is a gaming company that will become the most powerful entertainment company in the world.” Russo has also dealt several blows to tech companies such as Meta, formerly Facebook, saying that games “will pull the world forward in a way that Facebook can’t. They destroyed the world, and now they’re going to create a Metaverse that we can all escape to.”

The Metaverse was a popular topic at this year’s DICE summit. The keynote speaker, EA COO Laura Miele, also talked about the metaverse and how it needs “some kind of world order, and no industry can do it better than ours.”

In an interview with the Sway podcast, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that the metaverse of technology is “an extension of what games do” and that an entire generation of people has grown up with the social connections created in video games.

While this has been a popular talking point among game executives, hearing from a director like Joe Russo is certainly a boon to the games industry’s claim to be leading the way in the metaverse.

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