Gear.Club Stradale Revealed During Apple Keynote Event, Coming Soon To Apple Arcade

Gear. Club Stradale,

The latest installment in the Gear Club mobile racing. The franchise has been announced and will be coming soon to Apple Arcade. The game was announced during Apple’s main event on March 8. This will allow players to move into a Tuscan villa where you and up to five friends can compete against. Each other in supercars from top brands including Bugatti, McLaren, and Porsche.

This is one of the many Tuscan villas waiting for you in the new Gear.Club Stradale.

Alongside the standard Competitive Races, there’s a new Carta Stradale mode. Featuring co-op racing and a ladder system to help clubs reach the top of the leaderboards. When not racing, cars can be upgraded and customized. And the game also features a shared showroom where friends can show off their latest designs.

Gear.Club Stradale will be offered on iOS devices

As part of the Apple Arcade subscription service. Other recent Apple Arcade releases include Monument Valley 2. Farming sim Wylde Flowers, and an eco-friendly platform game called Gibbon Beyond The Trees. Gear.Club Stradale is the latest game in the highly successful Gear.Club racing series developed by the French company Eden Games. Previous games in the franchise, Gear.Club Unlimited and its sequel Unlimited 2, are available on mobile devices and Nintendo Switch.

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