Genshin Impact Players Notice A Big Mistake In The New iPad Commercial

This week, Apple announced a new and improved iPad Air and used the mobile game Genshin Impact quite heavily in its promotion of the new device. Sharp-eyed Genshin fans However, he soon noticed that something was wrong with the game in Apple’s ad: the video shows the player doing absolutely no damage to one of the game’s toughest bosses.

Approximately 15 seconds into the new iPad Air commercial. The player on the device is shown face-to-face with the powerful Thunder Manifestation boss Genshin Impact. In the ad, the player uses Raiden Shogun’s Musou Isshin, usually a powerful electro attack. Unless you face a boss who is immune to all electro attacks. Still, instead of the high damage numbers that Genshin players usually aim for, the game rather indicates a bunch of gray “immune” ones. “tags.
Upon closer inspection, the player has two other electricity-wielding characters. Yae Miko and Keqing, while the fourth character is Traveler, who can also wield electricity attacks. All in all, Apple’s Genshin player will have an incredibly tough boss fight.
While it’s clear that Apple made an aesthetic decision to use both the electro bass and electro. Attacks to follow the purple color scheme featured in this part of the ad, the prominent “immunity” tags look silly to those who have played Genshin a bit. Try to give us an extensive, juicy critique next time, Apple.

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