George R. R. Martin hails Elden Ring as a ‘landmark megahit’

Game of Thrones creator and writer George Martin taken from his blog after the release of Elden Ring, in which he played the role of “building the world.” Under the heading “Grab the Ring” (sounds like one of the in-game messages), Martin shares some of the many positive reviews the game has received since launch and the game preview trailer above. Elden Ring currently has a Metacritic rating of 95% on PC, and despite some negative user feedback due to performance issues, it is now “mostly positive” on Steam. “The wait is over,” Martin writes. “Years in the making, Elden Ring was released last week and took the gaming world by storm. But don’t listen to me. FromSoftware got me involved in the creation of their world, so I can hardly pretend to be objective.”

Martin cites some of the feedback and praise for the game, which he calls “Music for the Ears.” He then kindly goes on to emphasize how small his role is in the final product and supports FromSoftware.

“Of course, almost all the credit goes to Hidetaka Miyazaki and his amazing team of game designers who have been working on this game for half a century or more, determined to create the best video game ever,” writes Martin. “I’m honored to meet and work with them and play my part, however small, in creating this fantasy world and making Elden Ring the iconic mega-hit it is.”

An iconic mega-hit is a fitting title, but if any game has a chance of being remembered in that way, then Elden Ring is a good candidate. There will be a backlash at some point, there always is, but at the moment, it seems like everyone is blown away by FromSoftware’s achievement – and best of all, while we’ll have to wait to make sure the sales numbers seem to have presented the studio’s talents in front of a much larger audience than ever before.

Martin always ends his blog posts with an emoji to represent his current mood. This post on Elden Ring ends with a happy little alien bouncing his head up and down, which certainly means he feels upbeat.


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