Get Pokemon Legends: Arceus For Its Lowest Price Yet

Pokemon Legends: Arceus recently joined our roundup of the best Nintendo Switch games,

making it the only Switch game released in 2022 to make our list. If you have not yet purchased a copy of Arceus, you can get a copy right now at $45 Daily Thefts with an exclusive GameSpot promo code GSPCMA. This deal was previously available a couple of weeks before launch, but if you missed it, now is your second chance. The promo code is valid until March 29th.

While not exactly a mainstream Pokemon game in the traditional sense, Pokemon Legends: Arceus retains elements of the familiar formula, including a turn-based combat system. Arceus doesn’t have a completely open world, but it does have large areas to explore for new Pokémon while you complete mission-based challenges.

It received an 8/10 in GameSpot’s Pokemon Legends:

Arceus review. “However, once Pokemon Legends: Arceus finds its success, it’s the most daring and inventive series in years, shattering an established core and creating something new and exciting from its parts,” wrote critic Steve Watts.

2022 is going to be a big year for Pokémon. In addition to Arceus, the following main games, Scarlet and Violet, are due to be released this holiday. If you already know you’re going to pick one (or both), Pokemon Scarlet and Violet pre-orders are available now. A double dose of Pokémon is sure to thrill fans of the series, but Nintendo Switch owners also have something to look forward to. We’ve rounded up all of the most important upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusives, some of which will arrive in the next couple of months.

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