Ghostwire: Tokyo’s free visual novel introduces KK and his supernatural detective squad

The horror game Ghostwire: Tokyo from Tango Gameworks is due out later this month. To get everyone properly fired up on this big day, the studio is releasing a free-to-play visual novel prelude called – wait – Ghostwire: Tokyo Prelude.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Prelude tells the story of the enigmatic K.K. and his team of supernatural detectives who stumble upon something sinister while investigating a disappearance that is already pretty weird in its own right. Interacting with K.K. and his squad will help piece together their stories in what the synopsis describes as a “quirky GhostWire prequel.”

The trailer doesn’t say much about what’s going on, except that it’s “the start of a supernatural crisis,” which is never a good thing. The visual novel is distinctly different from Ghostwire: Tokyo itself, which promises a beautiful, strange, and actively violent depiction of the Japanese cityscape and the strange yokai that roam its streets. But the storytelling promises to fill at least a few of the many gaps implied by the site’s description of the game. Steam:

Tokyo is overrun by deadly supernatural forces created by a dangerous occultist, causing the population of Tokyo to disappear in an instant. Team up with a powerful ghostly entity in their quest for revenge and wield a powerful arsenal of abilities to unravel the dark truth behind the disappearance as you MEET THE UNKNOWN in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Prelude is available for free on PlayStation 4 and PS5 now, but don’t worry because it’s coming to P.C. in just one week on March 8. Epic Games Store March 25.

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