Global tech industry begins halting sales to Russia

Tech companies around the world have begun to suspend supplies to Russia in line with international sanctions due to the invasion of Ukraine. Sanctions, the Biden administration announced Feb 24 cover restrictions on the sale of semiconductors and computers. The sanctions also include an expansion of the foreign direct product rule that requires tech companies that work with US-made tools and software to obtain a license from the US government before doing business with companies that support the Russian military.

AMD and Intel have reportedly already stopped selling processors to Russia, and Intel has provided sister site PC Gamer with the following statement: Tom’s equipment: “Intel complies with all applicable export regulations and sanctions in the countries in which it operates, including the new sanctions imposed by OFAC [Office of Foreign Assets Control] and rules issued by BIS [Bureau of Industry and Security].”

While Russia has its own chip developers, companies like Baikal Electronics “have no factory” and rely on outsourced manufacturing. And on February 27, the Ministry of Economy of Taiwan, where the major chip manufacturer TSMC is located, announced that it has joined the list of countries imposing sanctions on Russia. “Domestic semiconductor manufacturers also said they will comply with laws and work closely with government measures,” the ministry said in a statement.

Several game studios, including CD Projekt, Bungie, Amanita Design, Digital Extremes, Hinterland Games, and 11 Bit Studios, have pledged to support Ukraine by donating to humanitarian causes such as the Ukrainian Red Cross.

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