Glover Is Coming Back, For Some Reason

Of all the games likely to get a re-release in 2022,

the N64 Glover title wasn’t first on our list. The 1998 game is coming soon with a new PC version released on Steam on 20 April. Glover is an N64 game developed by Interactive Studios in the 90s and published by Hasbro. Players took control of the titular Glover in the game, an animated anthropomorphic white glove. Glover was tasked with taking a magic ball through a series of levels in the platform game by bouncing. Dribbling, rolling, or throwing the ball to reach the final checkpoint.

While Glover generally received good reviews upon release. GameSpot’s initial assessment of the game was less enthusiastic. Awarding it only 5.1 out of 10 due to its “frustrating” mechanics. The game was generally well-received, enough for a sequel to be announced and development to begin. Although Glover 2 was never released.

The new PC version of Glover has been developed by Piko Interactive,

A  company that claims in its Twitter bio that it “buys old intellectual property to make cool stuff!”.The game’s Steam page states that the new version of Glover has been completely redone from the original N64. Source code with improvements for modern PCs. Back in 2018Piko has also announced that it will be working on getting Glover 2 completed for the release. Although nothing else has been reported on that front.

The re-release announcement sparked controversy after Piko Interactive drew the ire of game advocates. While Piko said his mission is in line with saving the game, describing it in a tweet as “commercial conservation,”. He was criticized for sending takedown notices and legal threats to people who unedited prototypes released or beta in the interest of conservation.

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