GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE Devs Talk About the Game’s Artstyle, Combat, and Inspiration Ahead of Its Global Release in 2022

GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE Devs Talk About the Game’s Artstyle, Combat, and Inspiration Ahead of Its Global Release in 2022

GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE is an upcoming mobile third-person shooter with a focus on visuals. A the one-handed control scheme. And a futuristic story that follows humanity after being driven underground by invaders. The only thing standing between the destruction of all mankind and a new beginning is you. And your actions in this new adventure that combines shooter-style gameplay. And map collecting in a world just waiting to be explored.

The action takes place in the world after the invasion of Rapture. Which set fire to the planet, threatening the life of every person; GODDESS OF VICTORY. NIKKE follows humanity and the humanoid girl named Nikki. Who was created to defeat this threat created by Rapture and reclaim the planet? A group of these Nikke wakes up in the Ark – humanity’s new home – bringing new hope to a humanity that has long since died out.


To learn more about GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE (hereinafter referred to as “NIKKE”), which is slated for a global release in late 2022, we sat down with NIKKE illustrator and producer Kim Hyun-Tae, who previously worked on Project Eve. And he told us everything, what you need to know about the upcoming game.

Hyun Tae started off by discussing NIKKE’s looks. While many 2D games have impressive visuals and character models, much of the hard work can be lost in an instant and not presented in the best possible way. For NIKKE, Hyun-tae wanted to bring the characters and art to the forefront with advanced animation and animated illustrations that bring the characters and combat animations to life.

2D games

“I have played my fair share of 2D games, but most of them only contain garbled and compressed SD characters. Any exquisite illustrations you see disappear in the blink of an eye, and what you’re often given are downgraded in-game visuals. Therefore, we decided to make a 2D game where the aesthetics of the characters would be fully demonstrated. It definitely took a huge investment of time and money, but the whole team dedicated their heart and soul to the creation and design of each character.”

In terms of characters and bosses in particular, Hyun Tae and the team wanted their animations and movement to draw players into the world and give them a visual feast along with great gameplay.


“Whenever they take cover, fire, or reload, the unique charm and characteristics of the characters can be shown through carefully crafted and detailed illustrations and animation,” said Hyun Tae. “We hope that you were able to pay more attention to the bosses and monsters. The in-game illustrations could almost fully showcase the 3D character movements and various forms that transform in different phases. Also, combat backgrounds and maps are attractive as they can give players a sense of 3D space and brushstroke.”

As for the inspiration for the visuals and story, post-apocalyptic stories and war-themed subcultural games played a huge role in the creation of NIKKE. Hyun Tae also shared that despite the fact that he previously worked on Project Eve and they were developed around the same time, each game will be very standalone.

“I grew up surrounded by post-apocalyptic sci-fi (Battle Angel, Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner, etc.) and they had a big influence on me,” Hyun Tae explained. “However, the overall visual version of the game was influenced by subcultural military-themed games (also known as anime games). I think the mobile gaming industry in Asia has come a long way.”

Hyun Tae

Hyun Tae went on to talk about how the entire art team helped create the characters and diverse cast of playable and non-playable characters. In addition, Hyun Tae also shared how the team created the enemy designs.

“We believe that in order to ensure the smooth flow of the story, it is necessary to start from scratch in order to change the design,” said Hyun Tae. “So we start with the most original and original design. For example, enemies on the ground are motivated by arthropods, while enemies in the air are motivated by marine organisms. Please check the game to discover the secret why these Raptures are shaped like this.”

While art is one of the most integral parts of NIKKE, gameplay is also important. The Nikke themselves have their own unique weapons and abilities, adding variety to the gameplay and giving you different options for how you want to complete missions. This flexibility is the key to saving the world from Rapture in your own way.

“Each Nikkyo has their own unique weapon and ability,” said Hyun Tae. “Different characters have special shooting skills or special abilities in explosion skills and passive skills. An appropriate combination of these abilities can help players maximize the synergy that is great for completing a mission. Moreover, since the enemies in Nikke, known as Rapture, also have skills, therefore, players must consider different combinations to unlock the stages.”


Players will shoot the NIKKE a lot, but card collection is another key component of the whole pack. Hyun Tae believes this will keep the game from becoming like any other shooter or card battle. And instead give players something to look forward to in and out of combat.

“First of all, the combination of card collecting and random shooting can create new interest for players,” said Hyun Tae. “While faking interest in other games can be an effective and easy way. SHIFT UP’s motto is to make players feel different from other games, so we’re giving it another try.

Card games

“In addition, a lot of card games put an interest in ‘strategic decision’ before combat. But we think that the combination of this genre (card collecting and casual shooting) will be fun both in and out of combat.”

This combat and operating system is what Hyun Tae is most excited about as he believes it will not only create a unique gaming experience. But also allow players of all skill levels to control with one finger to find something for themselves. He’s also very excited that people are learning more about the world and characters in and out of the game’s outpost base.

“Besides the combat, I prefer the puzzles in the Lost Sector. There are puzzles for you to solve and solve – this is not a simple game. We have developed various levels that can be enjoyed with various tricks, and we will prepare activities using them.”


In closing, Hyun Tae shared his excitement at being able to bring this game to a global audience. The team has worked hard to make it enjoyable for all regions. And hope everyone will find something to like about NIKKE.

“Honestly, the setting of the game may have some obstacles for players to understand. But despite this ambiguous information and terms or semiotic expressions. The game was created with a great storyline,” said Hyun Tae. “This means that regular players can also take the game. Especially since the game is of high quality, players could enter the game without lengthy instructions. Hope everyone enjoys playing!”

NIKKE will be available on iOS and Android devices worldwide later in 2022. For those who want to try NIKKE earlier, go to nikke-en.com/cbt for the chance to join the Closed Beta that started on March 6, 2022.


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