Grab one of these speedy Samsung M.2 SSD deals

Storage space on a PC is one of those things that is almost always in demand. Who doesn’t look at a good fast SSD and wonder how well it will perform in their configuration? Well, now seems like the perfect time to do just that, because Samsung’s M.2 SSDs are popping up at mysteriously good prices, but some are definitely overpriced, so be careful. I first noticed that Amazon has both a 2TB Samsung 980 Pro SSD and Samsung 970 EVO Plus comes at discounted prices. 980 discount compared to $450 to $300 which seemed like a bit of a high asking price before the discount, but perhaps not entirely unfair.

Then while the selling price for The Samsung 970 Evo cost $200, the initial listing of the 970 was $500, which is definitely a little more than the real market price. However, one of these for $200 didn’t seem that bad, so I looked around to compare and it looks like these Samsung M.2 SSDs are sold in many places.

BestBuy is offering the 2TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus for $210, while the Samsung 980 Pro can be purchased for just $280. NewEgg currently seems to be the best deal, charging the lowest $190 for 970 Evo and keeping up with BestBuy with $280,980 Pro.

Late last year we saw the 980 Pro in that storage size for $330 and the 2TB 970 Evo was also on sale for $250 not too long ago so these aren’t bad prices by any means, just maybe not as great as maybe Amazon make them appear.

This serves as a good reminder that just because the sale price looks good doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a particularly good deal. Especially at major retailers like Amazon, although it’s a little ironic when the Samsung 970 Evo Plus wins the award for Most Affordable PCIe 3.0 SSD. If these prices become the new standard, this pen could earn even more.

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