Gran Turismo 7 Must Be Played Online For Virtually All Content

While many games these days have some sort of online component, players tend to expect their single-player experience to remain the same when playing offline, but that’s not the case with Polyphony Digital’s huge new race, Gran Turismo 7 In the game before launch, we found that almost the entire game becomes inaccessible when playing offline. In fact, the game is reduced to demo mode if you are not connected to the Internet while playing.

Gran Turismo 7 has a huge number of modes and features, and all but one of World Circuits are not available if you play GT7 without an internet connection. That’s something Sony detailed last fall when series creator Kazunori Yamauchi said most of the game had to be played online “to prevent cheating from people trying to change save data.”

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World Circuits is meant to be a story mode game, but even that is diluted with what could reasonably be called a store demo, the likes of which you’ll find at Best Buy or Target. Progress markers like credits and experience don’t carry over when you race offline in World Circuits and you’re stuck choosing from the same 13 cars and 16 tracks and you have no way to unlock more unless you go online.

Meanwhile, all other content is completely inaccessible without the Internet. Along with the obvious lack of multiplayer racing, this includes modes and features such as:

  • Missions
  • License Center
  • Used cars
  • Central brand
  • Sport
  • GT Auto
  • Garage
  • A cafe
  • showcase
  • landscapes
The vast world of GT7 shrinks without an internet connection.

For most gamers, this DRM-like approach will probably be comfortable anyway – after all, most gamers who stay up to date with games play online – but note that if you plan to play offline by choice or via, let’s say the internet is down, you’re probably better off playing something other than Gran Turismo 7. In our review of Gran Turismo 7, Alex Goy said, “It’s as close to driving a real car as you can get on a console, and a lot like saving a few seconds on the road or playing on your favorite road in the real world.” world, the game draws you in with its challenges, physics and rich visuals.”

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