Gran Turismo 7 Quietly Pulled From Sale in Russia

Editor’s note: The war in Ukraine is a constant, painful and emotional topic. IGN encourages members of the community to behave respectfully when discussing this topic and does not condone harassment of any kind.

Gran Turismo 7 has been withdrawn from sale in Russia, but Sony has not officially announced this decision.

According to Eurogamer, Sony is believed to have made the decision last night not to sell the game in Russia. Gran Turismo 7 is out globally today, so Russian gamers looking to purchase it will be surprised to find that it’s not available in their region.


There has been no official announcement from Sony about this decision. The only message at the moment is a note about Russian shop page for Gran Turismo 7 which states “Release Date Pending Confirmation”.

The move by Sony follows an open letter from Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Fedorov urging Xbox, PlayStation. And other video game companies to temporarily stop supporting Russia and Belarus.

Many companies in the gaming industry have taken steps to support Ukraine after Russia’s invasion of the country. The developer and publisher of The Witcher, CD Projekt, has suspended sales of the game to Russia and Belarus. And streamers are donating money to Ukrainian charities.

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