Grand Theft Auto V Now Loads Way Faster On The PlayStation 5

Grand Theft Auto V is a perfect video game, we’ve known about it for almost a decade on more platforms than we ever should have known, but one thing the game hasn’t been able to figure out in that time is the vast load times.

VGK counted the numbers from start/load timing to taking control and found that while on the PlayStation 4, it took 1:33 to load the game, on the PlayStation 5, this figure was reduced to “only” 27 seconds. I say “simple” because even though it’s a huge reduction, it’s still a lot for a console that sold with virtually no load time (but again, we’ll forgive this particular game as it was initially designed for PlayStation 3).

In case you’re wondering, Zach, is playing right now. Grand Theft Auto Online for coverage later this week on PS5 says the game multiplayer also features vastly improved load times.

If you’re planning to (again) pick up the game on new consoles, be aware that there are some odd price discrepancies. As a starter offer until June 14, GTA v story mode will cost $10 on PS5, and GTA Online will be free, and on Xbox Series X|S, Story Mode will cost $20, and GTA Online will be 10 dollars.

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