GTA 5: How To Make Money Fast In GTA Online

In GTA Online,

The difference between a common street criminal and an all-powerful crime lord is usually only a few million dollars. This may seem like a big gap when you’re just starting out or are short on cash, but GTA Online’s full range of modes, missions, heists and more means you’ll likely always be making money one way or another. . However, some missions are more profitable than others. Here’s how to make money fast in GTA Online.

Game modes offering bonus GTA$

GTA Online regularly offers extra money for certain modes. It can be anything from stunt racing to stealing cars, killing targets, and more. At least a few times a month, Rockstar will highlight one or more modes and reward you with bonus GTA dollars for playing them. You can track all bonus money offered at any time on Rockstar Social Clubdeveloper’s social network for many games.

For example, at the time of writing this guide, you can earn three times as much money as usual for participating in air races. Find all the missions and modes in your in-game smartphone and jump on the path that brings you the most money. This is the easiest and most affordable way to make money fast, although much bigger payouts await you further down the list.

Spin the casino wheel every day, but then leave

In GTA Online, you can play your GTA$ at the Diamond Resort & Casino. You really shouldn’t be doing this. But you still have to stop by the casino every day in real life to spin its gift wheel of luck. It offers prizes such as new clothes, vehicle discounts, and even a brand new car from the casino showroom. Some spins will also earn you GTA$ or casino chips. Our advice: don’t waste your chips. Exchange them back to get more money. While the ultimate casino owners – Take-Two Interactive – would like you to invest in a few games of chance, this will most likely be the way to go. lose money fast, not earn. Pocket any earnings the wheel brings you and then look for more money elsewhere in town.

Complete the treasure hunt

GTA Online has a special mission chain that exists as a tribute to Red Dead Redemption. Randomly, while exploring Los Santos, you may receive an email from the mysterious “Wonderland” (Dutch, is that you?), who will send you a mysterious sepia-toned photograph of secret loot in the city. You will then be given an undefined area to look for a clue – a note stuck to a tree, post, or some other surface. This note will give you three more clues to explore. Once you have found all three clues, you will be told the location of your treasure.

While these treasure hunts are rewarded with modest amounts, they also give you special weapons like a golden revolver and they are not very intense, making them a good bet when you want to earn some money but also get other rewards quickly.

Pick a Career and Climb the Ladder to the Top

While the financial tips above are a good way to make some small but steady cash, the following two are really central to the hectic game economy and GTAO game cycle. GTA Online offers multiple career paths for wannabe gangsters, kingpins, and corporate tycoons. Deciding on a career early and then focusing on building your empire is one of the best ways to find purpose in GTA Online early on. Careers include becoming an executive, arms dealer, biker, and nightclub owner. and your character’s path through Los Santos is largely up to you (and maybe sometimes griefers).

Every business should start from the bottom and include investments in suitable career-building properties such as offices, bunkers, MC clubs, and nightclubs for each respective career, but over time you will be able to earn a lot of money doing any of them. them. You can even change your profession if you want.

If one profession is better than the rest, we would say it is the executive path. By going this route, you can buy warehouses where you can receive and export cargo such as vehicles. Selling cars in GTA Online is a fan-favorite way to make a ton of cash fast.

The trick is to fill your warehouse with low to medium-tier vehicles.

Your missions will always involve finding or exporting cars that are worth more than the ones you already have in your warehouse. Basically, you’ll be forcing a few randomly generated cargo missions in the game to favor top vehicles, giving you the highest salary possible. If you’re purely interested in cash, this might be your best bet, but you’ll be doing a lot of career-related missions, so you might also want to consider picking the career you find most interesting.

The trajectory of your career in Los Santos is largely up to you.

Executives sell cargo, arms dealers steal goods, bikers produce drugs, and nightclub owners run the business and control the staff. This last career is often considered the hardest career in the game, as it requires a lot of upfront money and staff recruitment. So it’s more likely to be a career that you can switch to later in your GTA Online career, rather than one that you start with on your first day in Los Santos.

It’s important to know about building a career in GTA Online: it’s important for any long-term player. Think of your GTAO career as a multiplayer story mode. Whatever else you do – racing, TDM, etc. – you also have to build your career. Some of the career-related activities are passive, like hiring other players to do your dirty work, so you can earn money without even being actively involved in some content. I don’t want to sound too much like your parents, but you really have to plan for the future.

Participate in robberies, the biggest income in the game.

Heists in GTA Online are the centerpiece of an ever-growing online array of things to do and see and have earned this title by being the biggest, most difficult, and most lucrative missions in the game. Heists are meant to be played cooperatively and cannot be completed solo (with one exception, the Cayo Perico heist), plus they require an upfront investment from you or your allied criminals, so it’s not something you can do right. upon arrival in Los Santos.

Think of it as something of an endgame instead.

Once you’ve accumulated roughly a million dollars in your GTA account, consider it time to plan your first heist – and that’s it. after you have bought some properties and vehicles required for the heist, such as slot machines for the casino heist or the Kosatka submarine for the Cayo Perico heist. You’ll need to complete a series of planning missions before the final heist is complete, and the whole process is tricky, to say the least. Make sure you have a cohesive team, keep up voice communication if possible, and come with weapons and armor to survive.

The payouts for the game’s eight available heists are huge, and most of the other earnings look like coins you’ll find under sofa cushions. If done in order, most heists will also earn you more than the previous heist. While the payouts for a heist depend on a number of factors, such as the number of participants, whether you’ve played it before, how well you performed, and what difficulty you played on, the best possible payouts for each heist are as follows:

Maximum payout for robberies in GTA Online

  • Fleeca work: $143,750
  • Jailbreak: $500,000
  • Humane Labs raid: $675,000
  • Series A funding: $505,000.
  • Pacific Standard Job: $1.25 million.
  • Doomsday: $812,500 (Act 1), $1,187,500 (Act 2), $1.5 million (Act 3)
  • Diamond Casino: $3.61M (Diamonds), $2.84M (Gold), $2.58M (Artwork), $2.32M (Cash)
  • Cayo Perico: $4.57 million

Clearly, these missions are the best amount in the game, but given their high barrier to entry, they won’t be the ones that get you off the ground at the start of Los Santos. The most efficient use of your time will be to start building your career from day one, fill your downtime with easy (but modest) in-game paydays, and build your eventual role as crime boss and thief extraordinaire. Time is money in Los Santos. Spend your time wisely and the money will flow like a river.

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