Guardians of the Galaxy is among March’s PC Game Pass arrivals

At least five new games will hit PC Game Pass in March, with the rest to be confirmed later this month. The highlight is Guardians of the Galaxy, if only because it’s only five months old and still on sale on Steam for $60. It’ll be joining the service on March 10, and it looks like it’s worth checking out: our reviewer described it as “surprisingly good time,” which is a good estimate when it comes to licensed superhero games. Also in the barrel is Far away: changing tides, a contemplative post-apocalyptic game about traveling in a sci-fi ship through miserable lands. Launching today, it’s a sequel Far away: lonely sails, which Andy dug up back in 2018.

Elsewhere, Lightning Returns Final Fantasy 13 releases on March 3, Kentucky Route Zero on March 10, and Young Souls, a 2D beat ’em up RPG, on the same day. If you use the Xbox cloud gaming service, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Kentucky Route Zero, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Young Souls will also be available there.

As always, several games will leave the subscription service in March, so if you haven’t taken the opportunity to play Nier: Automata, Phogs!, Torchlight 3, and The Surge 2 yet, it might be time to download them before they disappear. March 15. You can also buy them immediately with a 20% discount on the regular price.

Formerly known as Xbox Game Pass for PC, Microsoft’s “Netflix for Games” has received smart PC rebranding at the end of last year – now it’s PC Game Pass.


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