Gundam Evolution Western Release Confirmed

Online shooter Gundam Evolution featured in today’s Sony State of Play Livestream has received a new gameplay trailer as well as solid confirmation that it will receive a simultaneous western release later this year. Testing the network for the US and Japan was also announced this spring. Gundam Evolution is a free-to-play FPS game where six players on each team compete in goal-based game modes. You can control a variety of mobile suits, each with different combat capabilities, as seen in the trailer below.

The post-PlayStation Blog, Gundam Evolution, has three different game modes: capture points, domination, and destruction. Teams try to either attack or defend a specific control point in the first. In the second, they fight for three spinning points simultaneously, and in the last, one team tries to destroy the goal that the other is defending.


First announced last July, Gundam Evolution had already been tested online in Japan, but a western release remained unconfirmed at the time. Initially announced for PC, today’s reveal also confirms it’s coming to PlayStation 4 and 5.

Evolution Gundam Images

For more on the state of the game today, check out our roundup of everything that’s been announced.

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