Halo Infinite’s New Event Is Your Reason To Redownload The Game

Maybe you have upgraded the battle pass. Perhaps you’re distracted by embarrassing wealth in games right now. Whatever the reason, if you bounce Halo Infinitethere are immediate grounds for a return: an ongoing “Tactical operations” event. While the event is active, you will find Halo InfiniteThe Tactical Slayer (née SWAT) playlist, which pits two teams of four against each other without shields or motion sensors, has received a slight change.

Historically, the Tactical Slayer started the game with a burst-fire battle rifle. In Tactical Ops, you can also find modal options where players begin with either a sidearm or a mangler. (Starting tomorrow, the event will feature variants based on the commando and stalker rifle, two new total weapons.)

Both new options are great fun and spice up the balanced tactical assassin mode. Sidekick version matches are played with pop, pop, pop fight scene from John Wick– desperately shoot players from the hip in the hope of hitting the head. Meanwhile, the Mangler-based rounds are chaotic all-out brawls. The Mangler You May Know is like kryptonite for the pros Halo players- It has severe bullet drop, making headshots more of an imprecise art than an exact science. But the mangler also only requires two body shots to kill, so this is often the best strategy. For the first time in Halo history, Tactical Slayer is not affected by headshots.

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Halo players have had nearly two decades to hone their battle rifle skills. (first introduced in 2004) Halo 2.) By now, Tactical Slayer is no longer a disciplined targeting competition. This indicates who has the sharpest instincts or the biggest and clearest TV. If you see your opponent first, you win. If they see you first, they win.

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