Halo TV Show Includes A Chevy Tahoe, And It Wasn’t A Game Of Thrones Coffee Cup-Style Mess-Up

A recent trailer for the TV series Halo showed a snapshot of a Chevy Tahoe,

This doesn’t make much sense considering the series is set in the 26th century. But according to showrunner Stephen Cain, the SUV didn’t just happen. Polygon reports Kane speaking (although he is never directly quoted).

Regarding eagle-eyed fans in general, Kane told the site, “Knowing that people care so much is both frightening and exhilarating.” According to Polygon, “every prop” on set was deliberately placed, so it’s unlikely that Tahoe ended up there by accident due to a Game of Thrones coffee cup style mishap. Halo transmedia boss Kiki Wolfkill, who is the show’s executive producer, also responded to fans noticing Tahoe. She said it would be amazing if the fans did not notice it.

“For people who haven’t worked in the games industry,

There’s no such thing as shooting too fast to see something,” Wolfkill said. “We have to assume that every frame will be checked.” You can click on the images in the gallery below to see Tahoe as he is shown against the backdrop of an epic fight scene.

The TV series Halo has a Chevy Tahoe, but why?

Also in an interview, director Otto Bathurst (Black Mirror) said that the Halo TV show won’t be what you might expect, and for that reason, it could be controversial. “What people see will be different from what they expected,” Bathurst said. “And hopefully a strong percentage [of fans] will be happy with it. But listen, I’m sure this will upset someone.” The Halo television series premieres March 24 on Paramount+, starring Pablo Schreiber as the Master Chief. To learn more, see what the critics have to say about it. Season 2 is currently in the works.

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