Hardware: The Taito Egret II Mini Is A Doorway Into True Gaming History

Buyer’s heron?

Taito is a company with a rich history in the video game world, and it’s fair to say that if the Japanese veteran didn’t exist, the gaming landscape would look very different today. Space Invaders may have taken interactive entertainment from an everyday pastime to a global pop culture phenomenon, conquering not only their native Japan but the rest of the world. While Tomohiro Nishikado’s original shooter is arguably Taito’s most famous achievement, the list of other classics is truly envious. Bubble Bobble, Elevator Action, Darius, RayStorm, Qix, Rainbow Islands, Puzzle Bobble, Rastan, Chase HQ, The Ninja Warriors… these are just a few of the titles Taito has been bringing to the medium for decades and barely touches the surface.

While Taito has been a subsidiary of Square Enix since 2005, and it’s reasonable to say that the firm’s glory days are long gone, the Taito name retains considerable notoriety even among today’s gamers. It’s only fitting that the newest line of “mini-cases” that includes the Neo Geo Mini and Sega Astro City Mini should target Taito’s arcade games. Based on the company’s iconic arcade system, the Egret II Mini is a desktop console with its own screen and controls but requires external power (via USB-C) to operate. It offers an HDMI output function, reliable microswitch joystick, and sensitive buttons.

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