Harvest, craft, and avoid ‘old-timey diseases’ in this medieval city sim from the makers of Grim Dawn

Crate Entertainment, the developer of Grim Dawn, is working on a new game called The farthest border city ​​builder, in which you will lead a small group of settlers trying to find a new city on the edge of the known world. At first glance, Farthest Frontier looks like a fairly simple medieval city sim. but the Steam listing promises deep attention to detail, including 14 different types of harvesting materials, 17 types of food, and ten food crops with “unique growing characteristics.” and 50 different types of upgradable buildings. Maps are randomly selected for each playthrough, and “advanced city simulation” will display the lives of individual villagers in real-time.

Of course, pseudo-medieval village life would be incomplete without the threat of raiders and “old diseases” including dysentery, cholera, scurvy, tetanus, rabies, bubonic plague, and frostbite, which I don’t think technically qualify. like a disease, but still very unpleasant. However, both can be turned off, and other difficulty settings can be tweaked for a “quieter experience” and brutal ass-kicking, depending on what you’re into.

Although Crate Entertainment has been around for 14 years (Crate Entertainment was formed in 2008 by veteran Iron Lore developers of Titan Quest), Farthest Frontier will be only the studio’s second game since 2016’s Grim Dawn and two subsequent expansions. But this slow pace seems to work for it: Grim Dawn (announced in early 2010) is excellent, and Steam charts indicate that it maintains a surprisingly stable number of concurrent players for a six-year-old single-player game.

Farthest Frontier is scheduled to launch on Steam Early Access later this year, and Crate expects it to stay there for 4-8 months, “depending on how much we feel the need to change game systems or expand the game’s features before we’re ready to call it’s finished.” In the meantime, you can find out more at farthfrontier.com.


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