Heardle is Wordle for music, and it’s my favourite spin-off yet

There are so many variations of the Wordle formula at this point that they are all starting to merge into one. There’s one for math, one for bawdy buzzwords, geography—hell; there’s even the damned battle royale Wordle. I had pretty much fallen off the Wordle train by this point, but I couldn’t resist the charm Hurdle where instead of words, you guess the music for a few seconds at a time.

Just like in Wordle,

You have six guesses to pick up the right song (thanks, TechRadar). Your first pair of guesses will only show one second of the song but will gradually give you an additional two, three, four, and five seconds. I was able to record today’s song in just the first second, helped by the fact that it’s only taken from the most popular songs of the last decade.

I’m a bit of a fan of music-related puzzles and quizzes.

If anyone remembers the music quiz that used to be on the iPod Nanos, I spent an ungodly amount of time before bed each night quizzing my own music library. There’s something about knowing a song based on just a beat or a little snippet that’s really satisfying, and Hurdle definitely quenches that itch. If music isn’t your thing, then Wordlelike fan Chris Livingston has compiled a list of the top 10 Worlde spin-offs you should add to your daily rotation.

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