Hooray! Universal Studios Hollywood Will Be Getting Its Own Super Nintendo World

Oh Nintendo, we can’t believe we ever doubted you. We thought you were going to miss another March 10th Day without fanfare, or worse, actively remove Mario from our lives, but you proved us all wrong!

Today, on this yet another day of Mario, we have a new and exciting announcement: Super Nintendo World, after its success at Universal Studios Japan, is also coming to the US.

And… that’s all we know! Will it be similar to the Japanese one, which is mainly focused on the general atmosphere of Super Mario with one or two rides and cafes, or will it be a big roller coaster? Probably no. But wouldn’t you like to ride the rocket coaster from Super Mario Sunshine? Or the cart from Donkey Kong? Or literally any of the Mario Kart 8 tracks? Let’s!!

John Vignocchi, Head of Third Party Portfolio Management at Nintendo, posted a photo of the park under construction:

You can read all about the Japanese Super Nintendo World by clicking here, then let us know what you’d like to see in the US version! This is food? Merch? A giant life-size toad? It’s Toad, isn’t it? TELL US IT’S A TOAD.

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