Hospital Attacked Online Over PlayStation and Xbox Flame Wars

Buckle up because this story is getting pretty wild. ng the hospital with reviews on Google. Though Kotaku was unable to independently verify Srivira’s work at the hospital, negative feedback about the console war are much more verifiable.

Angry commentators pointed out that his actions were a breach of confidentiality between doctor and patient and argued that gamers’ arguments were hardly worth violating medical ethics. Following this confusion, the hospital has a rating of just 1.1 stars out of 5 on Google at the time of publication.  Here are some excerpts:

Patient: I prefer playing Forza to GranTourismo.

Doctor: The patient was dead on arrival

Be careful when you visit this particular hospital. One particular doctor will post a picture of you on his Instagram and Twitter when you are unconscious.

Due to negligence on the part of one of your Dr. Srivira live and doxing private patent information to the world on Twitter, which could have resulted in the death of a patient in the operating table, I will not recommend this unprofessional hospital, it reminds me of a scrub episode


. According to privacy and Right to Information Act 2005: “Respecting the confidentiality of personal health information requires that health care providers not disclose this information to others without the person’s permission. Sometimes, even admitting that a particular person is actually their patient can constitute a detrimental breach of that person’s privacy.”

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