How Do I Get My Sex Drive Back?

Often libido problems are not purely physical. According to experts, stress is one of the most common causes of a sharp decline in women’s sex drive. Low libido can also be related to energy and sleep issues, body image, relationship quality, gender inequality, and other issues.

“I encourage people who complain about low desire, and those who hear these complaints, to think about all the influences that exist on desire, including inside and outside the body,” said Sari van Anders, a professor who studies sexuality and testosterone at Queen’s University in Ontario. . “Desire does not just come from attraction within our body, it reflects and responds to all sorts of life and social situations.”

notes that “low desire” can mean different things. Some people want sex more than others, and it’s normal for sexual desire to fluctuate over the years. If yes, why?

“Low erotic desire in itself is not a problem until partners, medical professionals, the media, and culture come together,” Dr. van Anders said. “A promising way forward is to consider what low desire itself can reflect a problem for those who are not asexual, not a problem in itself.”

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