How Long Does Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Take To Beat, Really?

This week, The Legend of Zelda:

Breath of the Wild turned five years old, and to celebrate the milestone, the How Long To Beat Twitter account — the site that tells you how long it takes you to complete the game on average — reminded everyone from BOTW stats: It takes an average of 50 hours to complete The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (188 hours for completers).— HowLongToBeat (@HowLongToBeat) March 3, 2022

Now 50 hours sounds right to me.

I highly doubt that there are so many players who have gone through all this and run straight to the final battle with Ganon; although you are complete can do it from the start, it will take you about half an hour if you speed it up and, you know, you Indeed Okay) – thus, this average time covers those who are supremely confident, those who wandered around for hours, and those who, like me, just did everything at their own pace. I’m not sure how long it took me to “complete” the game because I completed a lot of side quests, founded the city of Tarry, and helped match, and none of that had anything to do with the main story. But my god, how are people concerned about the replies to this tweet!

“50 hours to win?” He speaks Athletic guy. “Certainly. You can beat the game if you want, but 188 to get 120 shrines, 900 kor seeds, complete the compendium, defeat four divine beasts, and defeat Ganon? I have 190+. Dan Teal makes it simple: “Imagine you only play Breath of the Wild for 50 hours”, to which Rolando Ed Claudio replies, “Imagine playing it more, literally an empty world with nothing to do.” God!

"The Master Sword isn't even that good a sword, why doesn't Link have a Master Katana?"
“Master Sword isn’t even that good a sword; why doesn’t Link have a Master Katana?”

But the question arises: when do you consider a game “lost”?

Is that when you defeated Ganon? It’s when you finish it 100%, which (in BOTW) requires a tedious search for 900 tiny idiots? Or is it – like in my case – doing everything but the Korok seeds and the final boss fight? Are 50 hours enough to appreciate everything this game has to offer? Does it matter? I’ve already posted my opinion on when the game is “completed,” and this made a bunch of people furious since obviously, you’re not a “real player” unless you’re fighting the final boss. and you somehow didn’t “actually play the game.” (Oh my god! My gambling credit is gone! Parents, incredibly disappointed!)

So, needless to say, I won’t repeat myself. It’s on you now! Here are some polls…


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