How to craft Valheim Flesh Rippers

Vilheim Flesh Rippers are a set of deadly claws you can craft to transform your Viking into a Norse version of Wolverine. The weapons were introduced in the Frost Caverns of Valheim update, and in order to find the resources to build your own, you’ll have to challenge those ice dungeons you can now find in mountain biomes.

Flesh Rippers count as unarmed attacks, so if you’ve only built your fighting skills with fists, you can now put real deadly power into your strikes. In addition to slashing damage comparable to an iron sword, Flesh Rippers also provide the same backstab damage multiplier as knives. The real advantage of rippers may be the 6x parry bonus multiplier, which is double that of polearms.

Plus, it’s just great to run through the Viking afterlife with three long, dangerous-looking claws protruding from the back of your hands. To collect the resources needed to make them, head to the mountains and start looking for ice caves and silver mines.

Walheim Flesh Rippers: How to Craft Them

Here are the required resources:

  • Fenris Hair x10
  • Fenris Claw x6
  • silver x10

You will need to have these resources in your inventory and use them at the forge, which has been upgraded to level 3.

Fenris hair, as well as Claws of Fenris, can be found in frosty caves in the mountain biome, as a drop when killing an enemy ulv, and also found on altars or in random chambers. Wolf skins were abandoned by wolves in the mountains. Silver ore can be mined in the Mountain biome and placed in a smelter to create Silver.

Valheim Flesh Rippers: stats and effects

Flesh Rippers are considered unarmed attacks, so they are perfect for a combo with Valheim Fenris Armor Set, which gives your melee skill a +15 bonus (up to a maximum level of 100). Flesh Rippers also greatly increase parry and backstab effectiveness.

Weight: 2.0

Durability: 300

slash: 60

Use stamina: 10

block armor: five

Blocking strength: 10

Parry Bonus: 6x

discard: twenty

backstab: 6x

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