How to get Naomi Osaka in Fortnite

Japanese tennis player (and big Overwatch fan) Naomi Osaka is officially joining the Fortnite Icon Series along with other celebrities and athletes like LeBron James. Epic is celebrating the addition with two new skins, new cosmetic items, and a new tournament dubbed the Naomi Osaka Cup.

Osaka’s rise to fame began in 2013 when she turned pro, representing her home country of Japan and earning various rookie awards. In 2018, she beat the legendary Serena Williams in the final of the US Open and later won the Australian Open, cementing her place as the number one tennis player for the first time among Asians.

Below we have a guide to everything you need to know.

When will Naomi Osaka come out in Fortnite?

Osaka (and all of her additional cosmetics) will officially join the Fortnite ranks on March 3rd at 7pm ET. You will be able to purchase the outfit in the Item Shop.

Naomi Osaka skins and cosmetic items

Naomi Osaka comes with two new outfits, both of which feature alternate styles that change her look a bit. You can check them out in the gallery below. Osaka’s pink and blue suit has hints of tennis, albeit with superpowers. It reminds me of how Fortnite turned soccer star Neymar into a powerful tiger ranger.

Osaka’s cosmetics (see above) include the Royal Racket pickaxe (heavy duty tennis racket) and it serves as a back decoration when you’re not using it. Osaka also gets the Queen’s Cloudcarriage glider, a large old cloud with many bizarre streaks of light coming from it.

The Osaka Dark Priestess outfit also comes with a Portalforger Paddle pickaxe and doubles as a back decoration. She also gets a Cursed Hazeboard glider that looks like a darker version of the Cloudcarriage glider.

Both skins come with alternate styles that change the color scheme of their hair and clothing. Finally, Osaka also gets the Serve Stance emote.

Naomi Osaka Cup

Collaboration with Fortnite would not be possible without a small tournament. On March 2, players will be able to compete in a new single player mode. Tournament for a chance to unlock Naomi Osaka’s outfits and cosmetics, and players who score at least eight points in 10 matches will unlock the Forbidden Ace spray shown below. Finally, if you’re itching to see Osaka in action, she’ll be hosting a live Fortnite stream on Twitch channel berleezy  March 1 at 7:00 pm ET.

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