How to get the Comet Azur spell in Elden Ring

The spell Comet Azur plays a major role in many Elden Rings clips on social media because he absolutely destroys enemies and looks great doing it. This is a fairly late-game spell that requires high int and mind requirements, but if you have the FP bar to perform it, it can almost one-shot kill some of the bosses in the game if you also increase your magic damage.

If you are already planning to complete the Sorceress Sellen quest, you will encounter this spell naturally, but you can also get it without even talking to her at the beginning of the game. To do this, you need to go to Mount Gelmir and talk to a certain sorcerer.

Here’s how to get there, even if you haven’t explored the northwestern part of Mount Gelmir yet.

  • From Eritrea Grazing Hill of Grace in the north of Mount Gelmir, head north through the ruins of Wyndham. There is a boss here that you can skip for now.
  • Keep left on the way up and you’ll find the next Place of Grace called Seawater River.
  • Continue north through the gorge until you reach the Seawater terminus, a place of grace.
  • From there head west to the castle, but then follow the mountain south until it leads to a large pool of lava and another boss that you can skip.
  • Past the boss, there is a path up and under large rocks that will lead you to a dilapidated building with an Artisan’s Shack.
  • Further down the road is a boss that you can maneuver around to get to the Hermit Village.
  • Another boss will get in your way before you reach the Place of Grace of Primal Sorcerer Azur.
  • The man himself sits nearby and if you interact with him you will be granted the Comest Azur spell.

Azur’s Comet sends out a massive blue beam of energy that deals massive amounts of damage, but the spell itself requires a whopping 60 intellect. You can hold down R1 to continue the spell and deplete the FP bar, so in a way that also requires a fair bit of intelligence. You can combine it with Cerulean Hidden Tear (for Flask of Wonderful Physick) from the Minor Erdtree boss in Mt Gelmir to get unlimited FP for 10 seconds. Unless you’re using an intelligence-based build, this is a spell worth making the effort to change your stats for.

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