How to invade in Elden Ring

Looking for Elden Ring Bloody Finger, an item that will allow you to invade as many times as you want?

Before you get it, you can use Rotting Blood Fingers, but these are expensive and rare items that are consumed after a single use: so if you need to PvP in the Lands Between, Blood Finger is a must. The path to the Bloody Finger is a bit convoluted, even if the item is worth it. This item includes completing the quest chain for Varre the White-faced: this is the first NPC you meet in Elden Ring, at the place of grace “First Step”. Later, Varre will move in and can be found in the Rose Church in Liurnia. So here’s how to invade Elden Ring indefinitely to cause limitless pain.

How to invade Elden Ring

In case you don’t already know it, it’s as simple as selecting the Blood Finger item. (we recommend using one of the quick menu slots) In the online play area, which is more or less all over the place. You’ll see a message saying you’re looking for a world to invade. And you’ll usually be there fairly quickly. Give ’em hell, stained The element will be grayed out in several places where it cannot be used.

Elden Ring Varré quest: how to complete it for endless invasions

Varre will appear in the Rose Church after you defeat Godric the Grafted

But you also need to talk to Two Fingers in Round Table Keep. Varre asks what you think of Two Fingers: if you answer “They don’t seem right”, Varre will ask if you would like to join the Order of the Blood and will give you five Festering Blood Fingers. Now you need to invade three times. You don’t have to win, so you can just stand in front of Varre and invade three times and then, regardless of the outcome, talk to Varre again. You will receive Lord of Blood’s Favor Cloth, which you need to soak with Maiden’s blood. Beautiful! There are currently two options known.

First option: Four bell towersFour bell towers in Elden Ring.

The four bell towers are located northwest of the Rose Church (here is the exact place). Fair warning: as you approach the area, giants will start to appear. The best tactic for getting the item is to go straight ahead as you approach with the Torrent, then circle west and south to the top of the land, where you’ll find the Place of Grace next to the topmost bell tower (shown above).

In front of this bell tower, you will find an item called “The Key to the Rigid Sword” in a chest. This key can then be used on the second tallest tower – look outside for a dev message that reads “Antiquette Break” (image below) – and access the portal: this is where the Grafted Scion fight is in progress at the start of the game. area.How to get Blood Finger in Elden Ring.

After you defeat the Scion, you will receive a decorative straight sword and shield with the beast’s gold crest. But we are not here for this: we cross the bridge to the church from the very beginning of the game. Follow the wooden stairs to your left and enter the building in front of you. Inside the church to your left is the corpse of a girl: interact with it to soak the fabric in blood and return to Varra in the Rose Church.How to get Blood Finger in Elden Ring.

Varre will praise your efforts and, of course, cut off your finger: it turns out that the Bloody Finger has been with us all this time! You now have the Blood Finger item and can invade as many times as you like.

Also: be sure to talk to him again and you will receive the Pureblood Knight Medal. Don’t know yet what it does, if anything, but hey: it’s free.

As an alternative…

The second option, not related to the Elden Ring boss fight, is to head to the Church of the Ban (here is a map of the exact location), which is now a ruin with a girl’s corpse that can be used to soak cloth: after that, return to Varra and everything will proceed in the same way.

Happy invasion!

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