How to use Great Runes in Elden Ring

The main bosses drop something called Greater Runes in Elden Ring, but there are a few things you need to do before you can use them. Similar to “Memories” dropped from boss weapons, you need to take the rune to a specific location in order to gain any benefit from the item. Once the Greater Rune is restored, you can equip and activate it with the Elden Ring Rune Arc to gain passive bonus effects. However, you can only have one item at a time, so you should probably switch between them for different encounters or areas. Here’s what you need to know about the Greater Runes and where to find the rune arc items you need to activate them.

How to use great runes in Elden Ring

Whenever you take a Greater Rune from a boss, you need to restore it before it can be used. To do this, go to the Divine Tower in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe boss from which the rune fell out. For example, Godric is the first boss to drop a Greater Rune, so you need to sneak into Limgrave’s Divine Tower.

The good news is that after restoring the Great Rune, you won’t have to do it again. However, if you plan to change them often, you should make sure you have enough rune arcs.

Elden Ring rune arc: where to find them

Recovering the Great Rune is not enough to see its benefits. To use the passive effects offered by a rune, you need to equip it and then activate it with the rune’s arc.

Runic Arcs are fairly rare drops from enemies – mostly rats, though not often – and can sometimes be found in chests. The most reliable way to get this item is from vendors in Round Table Keep and Liurnia of the Lake. Each Rune Arc item will cost you 4000 runes.

List of Elden Ring Greater Runes

Here are the Greater Runes we found and the effects they offer:

Greater Rune of Godric

  • Boss: Godric the Grafted
  • The effect: Increases all attributes

Greater Rune of the Unborn

  • Boss: Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon
  • The effect: Used to perfect rebirth

Greater Rune of Radan

  • Boss: Starscourge Radan
  • The effect: Increases maximum HP, FP, and stamina.

Greater Rune of Morgoth

  • Boss: Morgott, King of Omens
  • The effect: Significantly increases maximum HP

Greater Rune of Rijkaard

  • Boss: Ricard, Lord of Blasphemy
  • The effect: Restores HP after defeating enemies

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