Humble Bundle pulls sales from Russia and Belarus, will launch a Ukraine support bundle

Humble Bundle has suspended sales of all of its products and bundles in Russia and Belarus due to the ongoing invasion of Ukraine. “Like many around the world, we condemn the violent and illegal invasion of Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis it has caused,” the company said in a statement posted on Twitter. “Today, we are suspending sales of all Humble products and Humble Games games in Russia and Belarus.” Humble also said he was “actively working” on a package that would see all proceeds go to charitable causes to help Ukrainian refugees and victims, with details coming “next week.”
This is another figure in the gaming industry expressing support for Ukraine and condemning Russia’s actions. This week, Bungie stopped selling Destiny 2, Sony blocked access to its PlayStation store, and companies like Take-Two, Ubisoft, and Bloober Team pulled their games from sale in the country.
Rust and Garry’s Mod developer Harry Newman went a slightly different route, jacking up the prices of two games to deflect opportunism from the ruble’s collapse by promising to donate payments from Russia to support Ukraine.
Ukraine’s vice premier is pleading with the industry to take a stand and withdraw support from Russia, including blocking game sales, stopping esports events in the country, and calling for companies like Riot to close their offices in Russia.


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