Humble’s Boomer Shooter bundle is one of the best FPS collections I’ve seen

Humble Bundle has released what I personally consider to be one of the best low cost game collections in a very long time: The Best of Boomer Shooter Packwhich includes 10 really good shooters including Dusk, Amid Evil, Ultrakill and Ion Fury for only $12.

First things first: A “boomer shooter” is basically any shooter that goes back to an old classic from the 1990s. Some are direct homage to the retro-inspired visual style, while others spruce up old-school gameplay with the trendiest new swanky graphics. It’s a bit hazy, as is often the case, but if you’re jumping after a rabbit, blowing up anything that even looks like it can move, and your hand cramps when the level is cleared, chances are you’re playing a boomer shooter. . .

Back to business, here’s what the new Humble Bundle is all about. As always, there are three levels to choose from, but only one is really worth your time. For $1 you get Hellbound, a fast-paced heavy metal shooter that vaguely resembles Doom. (This demo on Steam if you want to check it out without spending a single dollar.) For going above the average set price, which is currently $11.58, you’ll get Hellbound plus Hedon Bloodrite and Project Warlock, neither of which I’ve played and therefore I cannot comment. on the.

The top level is where it gets good. For $12—less than 50 cents more than a three-game bundle—you get those three games plus:

  • dust
  • Among evil
  • Ion Fury
  • Dread Templar
  • Hroth

I don’t want to exaggerate, but this is a hell of a deal. In our reviews, Dusk and Amid Evil scored over 80, Ion Fury is the Duke Nukem game we should have gotten, and Hot is a deeply weird and brutally unforgiving minimalist journey through an Eastern Bloc country in an alternate history from 1986.

In my opinion, any of these games are worth paying to enter (I haven’t tried Dread Templar yet, but it looks cool), and each of them usually sells for more than $12, with the exception of Project Warlock, which costs $12. point. If you are a fan of shooters, buying them at this price is not a problem.

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The bundle also includes a couple of coupons: 10% off Proteus, a wildly brutal mix of modern technology and retro aesthetic, and 25% off Ultrakill, a game we called “even more metal than Doom.” also great arrows.

Humble’s Boomer Shooter will be available until March 25th. Part of the funds raised will go to support AbleGamers charity and charity of your choice.


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