Hunt: Showdown’s disappearing dirt man will finally be visible in upcoming patch

Hunt: Showdown’s disappearing dirt man will finally be visible in upcoming patch

bam! You are playing Hunt: Showdown and you just got shot in the head. I’m sorry. You are confused because you didn’t see anyone, but the death screen says that your killer was only a few meters away from you. I do not blame you. The hunting characters are usually pretty easy to find among the muddy swamps of the bay, but your killer was Cain, the problematic dirty man of Hunt: Showdown.

Cain is a $7 premium hunter skin that is an increasingly popular choice for Hunt players, especially those looking to win. Usually, the main benefit of buying a premium hunter is cool looks. Still, Cain has risen to the top of the rankings because his “outfit” (basically just bare skin covered in dirt and paint) blends incredibly well with Hunt’s environment. After several months player complaints Cain is too hard to see, Crytek is making the second round of art changes to his character model that will (hopefully) help this time around.

Crytek shared two comparison images of the new and old Cain in a recent developer thread, one clean view of the model and another showing what he looks like in the game.


At first glance, it is difficult to determine whether these Caine changes will make a huge difference. His skin is more peach and his white body paint is brighter – these changes are obvious in the pure form of the model, but less obvious in comparison with the environment. He still seems to have a natural advantage over characters who wear white shirts or leather coats. Crytek says the goal is to prevent it from blending in too well with its surroundings while still maintaining its wild-man aesthetic, but when you’re a mud-covered guy in a game full of mud of the same color, it’s hard not to be a chameleon. There’s also the fact that the time of day during matches is chosen randomly, so sometimes Kain gets an extra darkness bonus to make him more inconspicuous.

Kain Crytek

With many players already paying real money for Kain, Crytek is in a familiar stalemate. It’s clear that Cain was unhealthy for Hunt’s competitive meta, but a complete overhaul would likely mean a refund to those who bought his old look. The remaining option is a half-measure that will hopefully ease the problem enough that players stop complaining about it so much.

Having lived through similar camo character sagas in Call of Duty: Warzone and Rainbow Six Siege, I don’t usually complain, but Kain might be the worst case of “pay to disappear” skins I’ve ever seen. If you think I’m exaggerating, here’s a funny pre-patch video of YouTuber Toasted Cowboy asking for friends in an exercise similar to Where’s Waldo.

If you want to participate yourself, study the first screenshot below (Kain is crouching somewhere with a gun), and click the arrow to open the answer.

Cain’s richer skin tone will stand out among the grays, browns, and muted greens, perhaps in cases where it matters, like in the screenshot above. For this reason, I would like to see him in action, but the new Cain is only on the Hunt test server so far. It will be coming to the live servers in patch 1.8 sometime in the next few weeks along with a much-anticipated performance improvement.


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