I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson Creators To Film Computer School Pilot For HBO Max

Tim Robinson and Zach Kanin, creators of the Netflix series I Think You Should Go with Tim Robinson, are set to film a pilot for a new show called Computer School with HBO Max. Diversity reports.

According to Variety, the show will focus on a high school graduate who attends the same computer class as his uncle in Michigan. Robinson will play the role of the uncle, and he is co-writing the script with Kanin. Andrew Gaynord (Haters Back Off) will direct the pilot.

Robinson and Kanin first met while writing the script for the 2016 season of Saturday Night Live, but have since collaborated on multiple occasions, co-creating Comedy Central’s Detroiters, the aforementioned I Think You Should Leave, and the episode “Anywhere Sunday day.” documentary now!

Robinson’s shows usually focus on awkward, absurd humor. Fan-favorite parodies include an impassioned ad for a lawyer asking if anyone other than him had a toilet with a prank hole installed in their home, an embarrassing stain on his trousers prevented by a nonexistent trouser line, and a woman who got rich after like sewn into the pants of Charlie Brown’s parade balloon when deciding where to invest their money. If you like shirts with really intricate patterns, exactly your type, you’ll probably love this show if it gets booked for a season. But don’t worry, even if Robinson doesn’t perform well, he’ll still get his fee.


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